About Catholic Community Foundation


With full regard for the interests of the donors and reflecting the Church’s extensive and diverse efforts to carry out the work of Our Lord, the Catholic Community Foundation will administer and invest endowed gifts for any and all of the individual parishes, schools and other agencies of the Catholic Church. By taking this measure to perpetuate the religious, charitable, and educational institutions of the Church, particularly those located in South Florida, the Foundation shall serve the Archdiocese of Miami, the benefitting ministries, and the donors in their efforts to fulfill the two Great Commandments – that we are to love God with our whole being and to love our neighbor as ourselves for the love of God.

Guiding Precepts

  1. Catholicism – Only gifts benefiting agencies approved by the Archbishop may be accepted or held by CCF. Such agencies shall not be limited to agencies of the Archdiocese of Miami.
  2. Stewardship – In all its work, CCF shall reflect the Gospel message that the gifts of this life are gifts of God for which we are the temporary stewards.
  3. Collaboration – A unified, coordinated, non-competitive approach to the cultivation and solicitation of gifts shall be implemented with an emphasis on planned giving.
  4. Universality – CCF shall seek and hold gifts for all the agencies of the Church.
  5. Credibility – CCF shall seek the highest level of trust on the part of both the donors and the beneficiaries through its public structure, expert leadership, productive activity, good investment performance, ready availability of income, annual audit, monthly donor reporting and accountability.
  6. Donor-Centered – The beneficiaries of gifts may be designated by the donors in every way necessary to respect their donative intent: unrestricted, field of interest, specific institution, scholarships, split gifts, etc.
  7. Comprehensive – Many kinds of assets – cash, stocks, real estate, tangible personal property, etc. – shall be accepted as gifts through wills, trusts, charitable gift annuities, supporting foundations, and other planned gift vehicles to fund endowments.
  8. Professional – Donors and their financial advisors shall receive qualified assistance in their estate and financial planning from professionals representing the Church. The benefiting Church agencies shall receive expert training and support in their efforts to secure planned gifts for themselves.
  9. Endowment – The central focus of CCF’s efforts will be that of securing endowed gifts for the long-term benefit of the Church.
  10. Protection – In its legal and organizational character CCF shall seek the highest level of protection of the assets for the Archdiocese.

Organization & Governance

The Catholic Community Foundation in the Archdiocese of Miami, Inc. was organized to provide a single, unified means for individuals, families, corporations, private foundations and other organizations to establish endowments for the benefit of any of the institutions of the Roman Catholic Church, particularly those located in South Florida.

The CCF is governed by a Board of Directors, comprised of no fewer than nine individuals, who will serve with the approval of the Archbishop in accordance with the requirements of Canon Law. The CCF has established the Investment Advisory Committee to provide oversight and review of the investment program and has entrusted the Committee, subject to the direction and approval of the Board of Directors of the CCF, with the authority to retain professional services from investment consultants and investment managers.